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Mr. Peter B. Link Model



Model/Cup inner diameter/Cup depth/Throat diameter/


PETE-CC Regular/32.8/deep V shape/8.3/Euroshank


PETE-CC HEAVY/32.8/deep V shape/8.3/Euroshank


PETE-F HEAVY/32.2/shallow funnel/7.5/American shank


PETE-B HEAVY/32.8/deep bowl shape/8.2/Euroshank


PETE THE DRAGON/33.0/42.65 bowl cup/8.2/Short shank


If you have any requests about the shank, please write it in the remarks column.



We accept orders for DRAGON engraving (see 6th product photo / processing fee 3300 yen).

If you wish, in the product selection columnWith or without engravingPlease.



If the product is in stock: We will ship it within 2-3 business days after confirming your order.


If the product is out of stock: Delivery will take up to 3 month.

Tuba Mouthpiece PETE series

    Signature model of Sendai Philharmonic Orchestra Peter Link. The bottom is slightly rounded, making it possible to play with a little more resistance than the Helberg style.

    ・PETE-CC Regular
    Signature model of Sendai Philharmonic Orchestra Peter Link. Normal style weight of PETE-CC HEAVY.


    The cup shape is a ball cup like the Rusky 30B, and it has both good response and tone.

    By shortening the shank, you can convey the feeling of playing more directly to the instrument.



    “I was so excited about the development and completion of the new BLM PETE-BH. It is an idea and concept I have had for some time. Nakai-san of Brass Lab Momo brought this idea to life. my head on the York style tuba. It offers fantastic control, balance and an incredible fundamental center throughout the range. If you are a fan of Helleberg and Geib style concept mouthpieces, you will want to give this one a blow. qualities of both in one concept with a unique exterior design.

    Pete Link Sendai Philharmonic Orchestra, principal tuba



    Silver plating ¥55,000

    Inner gold 81,000 yen

    Gold plating ¥88,000

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