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Mr. Hiroaki Shiomi model



Model/Cup inner diameter/Cup depth/Throat diameter/Shank







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Tuba Mouthpiece 403JG/GD series

  • 403GD
    It is a model for B and C pipes that expresses the taste of "boom and boom" in the model name. Adopting the classic V-cup mouthpiece design, it has excellent versatility. It is designed so that even if you breathe in at once, it will sound firmly without being repelled, and it is characterized by its ability to be played in any style.

    This is a model for the F tube that was created with the image of the proverb, "Softness overpowers stiffness." It was developed based on the Perantucci PT-65, one of the classic models, and has developed the characteristics of the base model PT-65, such as the speed of response and the beautiful and colorful tone.
    By adopting a short shank, the distance to the instrument is closer, making it easier to monitor and creating a mouthpiece with excellent control performance.



    Silver plating 55,000 yen

    Inner gold 81,400 yen

    Gold plating 88,000 yen

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