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Model/Cup inner diameter/Cup depth/Throat/Features


67C/32/deep/8.3/for brass band and general band




68H/32.8//8.3/Round and relatively thick rim


Thinner rim and wall thickness than 68HL/32.8//8.3/68H


67H/32.5//8.3/68H with 32.5mm rim inner diameter


67HL/32.5//8.3/67H rims with thinner thickness







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Tuba Mouthpiece

  • As a result of many years of research with musicians, the development concept was to satisfy all the conditions to maximize the musical expression when a musician plays a brass instrument. We have succeeded in digging down the hardness and metal grains to the micro level and controlling it to the best metal condition for playing it. It is kind to everyone and brings out the maximum musical expression with the minimum effort, so please take it in your hands and try it. I think that you can feel the feeling of blowing that you have never encountered before.

    ・68 hours
    Developed based on the second generation of "Silky Helberg II". Considering the change in sound due to acoustic processing, the weight is slightly increased from the original.
    It features a round, relatively thick rim.

    68H rim with thinner thickness. It has a weight and blowing feel similar to the current generation Helberg II.

    68H rim inner diameter is 32.5mm.

    67H rim with thinner thickness.

    A reprint of the early model "Silky Helberg II". The cup is shallower than the current generation and the rim is rounder, but not as thick as the second generation.

    Developed based on Yamaha BB-Bobo-Solo. Unlike the bobo solo, the back throat has a structure that spreads gently, and the performance performance with the rotary tuba has been improved.



    Silver plating 55,000 yen

    Inner gold 81,400 yen

    Gold plating 88,000 yen

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