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Model/Cup inner diameter/Cup depth/Throat diameter/Features


6A/15.5/Shallow/3.65/JAZZ model


7A/16.0/Shallow/3.65/JAZZ model


11C/16.2/Moderate/3.65/Beginner to Intermediate Popular


13A / 16.5 / Shallow / 3.65 / Piccolo Tp Jazz is also available


13C/16.5/Moderate/3.72/Available for a wide range of genres


14A / 16.68 / Shallow / 3.72 / Piccolo Tp JAZZ is also available


14B/16.8/Shallow/3.72/Beginner to Intermediate Popular


14C/16.88/moderate/3.72/junior high school/high school/general


15E/16.8/deep/3.88/for rotary (light type)


16C/17.0/Moderate/3.72/Wind band/orchestra


16CB/17.0/moderate/3.72/same as above BACH backbore


16C5/17.0/Moderate/3.8/Wind band/orchestra


16ED/17.0/deep/3.88/for rotary


17C/17.14/Moderate/3.72/Wind band/orchestra


17D/17.14/Deep/3.72/Mid-low volume loud


Model/Cup inner diameter/Cup depth/Throat diameter/Features



If the product is in stock: We will ship it within 2-3 business days after confirming your order.


If the product is out of stock: Delivery will take about 1 month.

Trumpet Mouthpiece VL series

  • mouthpiece for trumpet

    Has the world's lightest brass

    When you play, you can blow with a feeling that has never existed before.

    It has a big sound just by taking a light breath

    You can concentrate on expressing your music.



    Silver plating 26,400 yen

    Inner gold 42,900 yen

    Gold plating 48,400 yen

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