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Model/Cup inner diameter/Cup depth/Throat/Features


47J/24.8/Shallow/5.8/JAZZ model (Bach12C)


48J/25.0/Shallow/5.8/JAZZ model (Bach7C)


48A/25.2/Shallow/5.9/For alto trombone


48B/25.2/shallow/6.3/for alto trombone, JAZZ


48 tubes/25.2/Shallow/6.7/Beginners, JAZZ players


48/25.2/shallow/6.7/all-round controllable


49L / 25.4 / Moderate / 6.8 / Cup is the same as BACH 6 1/2


50 tubules / 25.4 / medium / 6.8 / medium cup tubules


50/25.4/moderate/6.8/for brass band and general band


Rounded 50R/25.4/Medium/6.8/50 rims


51H / 25.5 / Deep / 7.1 / Heavy rim weight


51S/25.5/deep/7.0/balanced sound


51/25.5/deep/7.0/wind band, orchestra, EP also acceptable


51G/25.5/deep/7.0/wind band, orchestra


51DF/25.5/Medium/6.0/German trombone thin tube


51D/25.5/deep/6.0/for German trombone thin tube


51DS/25.5/deep/7.0/German trombone cup shape and thick tube


52/25.8/Deep/7.1/Also available for brass band, orchestra and EP


52S / 25.8 / shallow / 7.1 / shallow ball cup


53/26.0/Deep/7.1/Rich mid-bass sound




Model/Cup inner diameter/Cup depth/Throat/Features


If the product is in stock: We will ship it within 2-3 business days after confirming your order.


If the product is out of stock: Delivery time is up to 3 month.

Trombone Mouthpiece VL series

  • mouthpiece for trombone

    Has the world's lightest brass

    When playing, you can blow with a feeling that has never existed before.

    It has a big sound just by taking a light breath

    You can concentrate on expressing your music.



    Silver plating 36,300 yen

    Inner gold 58,300 yen

    Gold plating 67,100 yen

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