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HEARTBEAT DIXIELAND, The Symphony Hall Big Band, etc.

With active trombone player Ichiro Oshima,

With young genius meister "Hiroki Nakai" who inherited the gene of Atelier Momo

Through collaboration, a new mouthpiece is born here from Brass Lab. MOMO.



Model/Cup inner diameter/Cup depth/Throat/Back bore

ICHIRO 7C/25.3/Shallow/5.8/Open Standard

ICHIRO 9C/25.1//5.8/

ICHIRO 11C/24.8/Shallow/5.8/Open Standard



avocet shank

A long shank inspired by avocet

By choosing, you can adjust the balance with the instrument.


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If the product is in stock: We will ship it within 2-3 business days after confirming your order.


If the product is out of stock: Delivery will take about 1 month.

Trombone Mouthpiece ruff lek series

  • We pursued function, effect and beauty by reproducing the characteristics of the ruff lek, a bird with distinctive decorative feathers around its neck, in a curved shape.

    The position of the lower part of the cup is determined to enhance the rich bass, unity, and directivity of the sound.

    The gentle shape from the top of the rim to the inside and the inner diameter with an edge provide both controllability and a clear attack. It also has a wide rim that is flat on the outside for added durability.

    Champagne gold can be selected in addition to normal silver and gold plating.

    Champagne gold is gold plating mixed with a small amount of nickel, and it has a beautiful champagne-like shine, and the outline of the sound is clearer than gold plating.

    By using forging (heated metal is driven into a mold to create a shape), the density of the metal is increased compared to normal brass material, the core of the sound is produced, and the effect of acoustic treatment is also improved.

    Acoustic treatment is MOMO's unique treatment that improves sound spread and bass while maintaining the density of forging.



    Silver plating 45,100 yen

    Inner gold 67,100 yen

    Gold plating 75,900 yen

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