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Orchestra Ensemble Kanazawa Model supervised by Mr. Kenichi Yatsu



size chart

Model/Cup inner diameter/Cup depth/Throat diameter/Features


17E / 17.1 / / 3.87 / For old Yamaha models and Heckle type thin tubes




17CE/17.1//3.8/Standard model


17BE/17.1//3.8/For D pipe・Es pipe


If the product is in stock: We will ship it within 2-3 business days after confirming your order.


If the product is out of stock: Delivery will take about 1 month.

Rotary Trumpet Mouthpiece ツーヤーテクニーク series

  • the concept is

    "The bass sounds a lot, but the treble is also cool

    And the attack (tonguing) is also smooth! ”

    The cup and throat are almost the same as the so-called "German tube",

    The shape of the backbore from there is different from the general one (Momo original) model.



    Silver plating 26,400 yen

    Inner gold 42,900 yen

    Gold plating 48,400 yen

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